NED 2019 Live Stream


National Economic Dialogue, June 2019

The National Economic Dialogue took place in Dublin Castle on 26-27th June 2019.

The opening and plenary sessions of the National Economic Dialogue are available to watch back on this site. Documents related to the event can also be found on this site.

The dialogue is an important part of the budgetary process and provided an opportunity to consider how to optimise available resources in the interests of all citizens. The aim is to foster discussion on how to best sustain and strengthen the recovery while taking account of the many competing economic and social priorities within the limited available resources. The dialogue is not intended to produce specific budget proposals or recommendations, but should assist participants in preparing their own pre-budget submissions. Representatives of community, voluntary and environmental groups as well as business, unions, research institutes and the academic community will be in attendance. The Select Committee on Budgetary Oversight will represent the Oireachtas through their attendance and participation in the event.

Any queries in relation to the organisation of the National Economic Dialogue can be directed by email to